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Tatiana Faylor

Realtor® with thick Russian Accent & Big Heart!

This is an unusual time with terrific opportunities depending on your goals and the knowledge, support, and guidance you get! Let’s chat about it and see how I can help with all you real estate needs! - Tatiana


About Me

...In 2008 I moved to America from Russia!

The journey hasn't been an easy one, full of many adjustments, but I always believed in myself! So here I am:  First a trained Electrical Engineer and finding out it wasn't "my true calling" so I became a professional trainer of Shaping, Body Building & Yoga for 15 years and owned a Women's Club back in Russia, while here I went through massage & esthetic schools and have successful business since 2009. And in 2019 I decided to become a Real Estate person - Realtor!  I have taken  many additional classes & courses  all over the World, so I am excited and proud to offer YOU these beautiful services with a mix of cultures, experiences & LOVE! 




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Sheila Patel

“What a great experience selling our home.”


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Email:  /  Tel: 435-773-0677   

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